Tobago Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson International Airport (TAB)
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(Tobago, Tobago)

Part of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago archipelago, which comprises two large islands and more than 20 smaller islets, Tobago lies to the north of nearby Trinidad and is the smaller of the two. Located on the south-eastern side of the island nation of Grenada, Tobago has a total population of just over 50,000 residents. Tobago's capital is the large town of Scarborough, which is located on the south-eastern coastline and is home to around 17,000 inhabitants. Scarborough is known for its harbour area and 18th-century fortress.

Sited on the island's most southerly tip, close to Canaan, the Crown Point Airport (TAB) is a small and busy hub. South-west of Scarborough and south of Plymouth, Tobago Airport is easy to find and has been operating for more than 65 years, dating back to 1940.

Tobago Crown Point Airport (TAB) Maps: Important City Districts

The island of Tobago is split into seven main parish areas as follows:

  • St. Andrew
  • St. David
  • St. George
  • St. John
  • St. Mary
  • St. Patrick
  • St. Paul

Around Tobago, prominent landmarks include the elevated Main Ridge area, which is at its highest close to the town of Speyside, to the north and close to Tyrrel's Bay. Speyside is a popular destination for scuba divers and features many spectacular areas of coral reefs and clear waters. On the south-western side of the island, Buccoo Reef is also a noteworthy dive spot.

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